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Welcome to PixlcanzNFT



PixlcanzNFT is an ETH based (Erc721) NFT project brought to you by the mind of  Canadian street artist MastahDon. Bridging the gap between street art and Web3. Here to offer Art, Utility, Community and Good Vibes to our Holders!

Come and join the Famz an ever growing Web3 Community!
We will be launching 3 Pixldrop collections to Ethereum starting with our SOLD OUT Pixlcanz Collection.
We are currently gearing up for our second Pixldrop CAPz" (MINTING SOON)
Owning one NFT from each of our CANZ & CAPz collections allows you to Mint 1 FREE from our 3rd Pixldrop AbsTr@cTz

-Holders only Discord(s) Offering access to Community, Giveaways, Alpha, Teade/Crypto analysis and more...
-Chances to earn, learn, and gain some V.I.P. Rewards through our various Partnerships 
-Access to Pixltown, our Microverse playable Game World, where you can P2E, access in game giveaways, or just vibe and chat with other Famz
-Holding a Pixlcanz acts as WL for our upcoming Capz drop (1 free mint per pixlcanz held)
-OG Holders Can Mint 2 Free

PixLFamz (OG):
Supply: TBD

PixLTown Microverse:


How it works

To connect your wallet and Mint your Free pixlcanz you must be WL approved in our Discord, or be holding an Erc-1155 pixlcanz NFT. If you made it this far then CONGRATS!! WAGMI!! 

Each Pixlcanz NFT is designed with unique features, and some are more rare than others. When you purchase one of our digital assets, you receive full ownership rights and you become a member of our exclusive community. Browse the collection and find a character that speaks to you!! 
You must be an holder of any pixlcanz Erc-1155 To Gain Access to FREE Mint!
Mint from site below Or Mint from contract at: 


The Humans behind PixlcanzNFT

The artists developers and degens of pixlcanz!



Founder, Artist



Creative Director / DEV

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I buy Pixlcanz NFTs?

To purchase your pixlcanz Erc-1155 goto our opensea account and grab yours now free of charge. 

To get your free Pixlfamz Nft join us in discord and find out more.
To Mint your pixlcanz erc721 NFT head to MINT section or head over to etherscan to Mint from contract. (SOLD OUT) Now On Opensea!

How many PixlcanzNFT NFTs are there?

Pixlcanz NFT   Supply:333

PIxlfamz(OG):(loading)       Supply:106 +

CAPz: MINTING SOON!  Supply:666
AbsTracTz:  2023  Supply:999

How to Mint from contract?

Minting an NFT from contract can seem like a daunting task if your new in the world of crypto. So let's break it down:
1.First you will need to set yourself up with a wallet so you can hold your crypto/ NFTs. Think of this as your online bank account.
In our case we will be using the  Ethereum Network, so head over to MetaMask and set up an account ( I recommend setting up multiple wallets, one for safe keeping and at least one to Mint and connect to websites).Once you have done that we are ready for step two.IMPORTANT!(Remember always store your seed phrase in a safe place and never share it with anyone!!!)
2.Now that you have a wallet set up and ready to go we just need to fund the wallet with the corresponding crypto ( in our case this will be ETH ) To do so there are several options.
A. Add crypto through MetaMask by setting up a payment method and purchasing directly through the extention or app
B. Set up an account on a marketplace to purchase your crypto. I personally use to manage my markets and move my crypto, but feel free to choose one that suits you. DYOR! Now that your on a marketplace add your metamask and transfer funds as needed.
3. At this point we should have our wallet set up and enough crypto to pay gas fees that will apply. Head over to etherscan and find the minting contract. Scroll down and goto ContractWrite ContractConnect to Web3Scroll down and find the minting function(Usually says Mint/Freemint but it depends on Contract) Once you have found Mint function:click the button 
Enter payable amount ( price to Mint )This is the amount you will pay for the transaction on the blockchain
Enter number Of Tokens (unit256) This is the amount if nfts you want to Mint
Click write to submit your transaction.
You should be prompted to sign for the transaction an approve through your metamask before it is final. Always double check your satisfied with your transaction and sign.
Wait for approval and now your the owner of your very own NFT. Congrats. 
To view your nft use a site like opensea or gemzxyz to connect wallet, or sign into metamask mobile app and import your new tokens!!!  
Hopefully this helps you in your crypto journey. Remember to always DYOR.  WAGMI



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